The 2020 Golden Boy Tournament is quickly approaching! There are a number of details that the Golden Boy Tournament Committee would like to share with you to make your lead up to the tournament and experience at the tournament that much easier and enjoyable!

Tournament Schedule

The 2020 Golden Boy Tournament Schedule will be released on January 29th, 2020 by the end of the day. Check back here periodically on January 29th to see if the 'Schedules' tab at the top is visible.

Golden Boy Tournament 50/50 & Raffle

We are excited to once again be launching our Golden Boy Tournament 50/50 Online this year! Last year's winner took home $1,680.50! We will release more information about the 50/50 soon. We will also be offering a prize raffle at each of the venues where you can purchase tickets to win some fantastic prizes.

Golden Boy Tournament Merchandise

We will be selling Golden Boy Tournament merchandise at all three of the venues again this year! We will be updating the prices and making that available shortly. Last year were were sold out of most items by midday Sunday, so make sure you get your apparel when you get to your first match! 

Keep checking back here for more tournament details and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@WpgSoccer) for the most up-to-date information leading up to the tournament and throughout the 5 days!




The 2020 Golden Boy Tournament is looking for a number of interested and motivated individuals who are looking to gain volunteer experience, see behind the scenes of large-scale events, or who just love soccer to help make the tournament the biggest and best yet!

If you or someone who know are interested in getting more details surrounding the event and how they can help, click here to send us an email and see what kind of roles are available. The tournament is set to kick off on Thursday, February 13 and will wrap up on Monday, February 17!

FOllow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@WPGSOCCER) for all of the latest updates surrounding the 2020 Golden Boy Tournament!




The Golden Boy Tournament Committee is excited to announce the 176 teams that will make up the 30 Divisions at the 2020 Golden Boy Tournament coming up in February! Check out the teams, divisions and pools under the 'Division Formats' tab!

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (@WPGSOCCER) for all updates regarding the Golden Boy Tournament.

We are always looking for volunteers who are interested in getting involved in the soccer world or wanting some volunteer experience in events! If you or someone you know is interested, contact the Winnipeg Youth Soccer office for more information on available roles!




Are you planning on registering a team for the 2020 Golden Boy Tournament? Here are a few helpful tips & tricks to make the registration process go as smooth as possible:

1. Review the Registration Examples - Check out the 'Registration Examples' tab on the home page before registering to get an idea of what information is required when registering.

2. Arrive Early - We typically see 100+ teams register within the first 20 minutes of registration opening, so make sure you are on the Golden Boy homepage prior to registration opening and refresh the page at noon.

3. Have Payment Prepared - No spots are confirmed until payment is complete. After you enter the information from the 'Registration Examples' tab, you will be redirected to the payment page. Complete payment and your registration is complete!

4. Be Patient - Because the tournament fills up so quick, your team may be waitlisted due to a division having more than 8 teams or total registration exceeding its maximum. That doesn't necessarily mean your team will not get in. Stay on the waitlist and the Tournament Committee will do its best to accept as many teams as capacity will allow. You do not need to complete payment when on the waitlist, so putting your name in doesn't hurt!




Registration for the 2020 Golden Boy Tournament opens on Tuesday, November 19, 2019 at 12:00PM! Last year's tournament had 180 Teams across 26 Divisions - All who registered within the first 24 hours of registration opening!

A screenshot of the information that is needed is available under the 'Registration Examples' website. There will be a 'Registration' button that will become available in the top right hand of the Golden Boy Tournament website home page right at 12:00PM on Tuesday, November 19. Click the 'Registration' button to begin the registration process. REMEMBER: Registration is not considered complete until payment has been completed. You will be prompted to complete payment after submitting the information on the initial registration page.

Continue to check back here, or on our social media accounts (@WpgSoccer on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) for all Golden Boy related updates!


2020 Golden Boy Indoor Soccer Tournament


February 13 - 17


The 2020 Golden Boy Tournament is THE event of the Indoor Soccer season that your team DOES NOT WANT TO MISS!

Registration opens November 19th, 2019 at 12:00pm CST. Last year's tournament reached the 160 team capacity in 30 minutes, so be prepared before 12:00pm with your division and coach information.

Registration fees are: 

$600 for 1/4 field teams (U9 & U10 DL teams as well as U9 - U18 Rec teams)

$800 for 1/2 field teams (U11 & U12 DL teams as well as U13 - U17 Premier 1/Premier 2 teams)

All teams are guaranteed at least 3 round robin matches, with additional playoff games if your team advances to the playoff round.

Registration is capped at 160 teams and/or 8 teams per division. The Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association reserves the right to open divisions up to more than 8 teams as dictated by the demand.

Registration closes on December 1st, 2019 OR once we have reached tournament capacity - Whichever comes first.

We are always looking for donations toward our raffle prizes! If you or someone you know is interested in some new and exciting marketing strategies and would like to donate a prize, email Adam at events@winnipegyouthsoccer.com for the official donation request letter!

The Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association is also looking for some dedicated volunteers who are looking to get involved at our 2020 Golden Boy Tournament. If you are interested in some more details regarding volunteering, email Adam at events@winnipegyouthsoccer.com for more details!

Keep checking back here for additional updates, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (@WpgSoccer) to get the notifications on any updates being posted. For all immediate questions, email events@winnipegyouthsoccer.com



Tournament Venues:

WSF Soccer South (U of M)

211 Chancellor Matheson Rd


WSF Soccer North

770 Leila Ave


U of W Health & RecPlex

350 Spence St


Click here for WSF South & WSF North Field Maps


Click here for U of W Health & RecPlex Field Map

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